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Friday, November 10, 2006

How to become a Successful Blogger: The 3Ps

Strategies are essential for success, and your effectiveness on the web is dependent on them. I have come up with 3Ps; plan how you can implement them to reap the benefits.

The 3Ps:

(1) Proactive: by proactive I mean looking for opportunities, taking massive action. Your blog is not going to grow and develop on its own. You have to feed and nurture it. Remember the maxim, “As you sow so shall you reap”.
-- Do extensive research on the area you are focussing on.
-- Read extensively, books, magazines etc.
-- Find out what other people are doing in your area.
-- Benchmark your blog with the best in the web. Adopt best practices used by the blogs with excellence.

(2) Purpose: by purpose, I mean what need are you serving. If you expect your visitors to come and take active part in your blog, give them something that they want so that they come back to you time and again. Let me give you an example, and these two blogs are among the top 100 blogs at Technorati. Visit them and ask yourself do they have a clear sense of purpose, how, why and what?

(3) Patience: have patience do not give up. If you are passionate about something, pursue your goal to the end with undivided attention. The most successful blogs in the web were not built in a day. Remember the maxim, “Rome was not built in a day”.

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